Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Start Fresh

Heartbreak happens when your heart goes somewhere that you’re too afraid to follow.  I’m in the mood to take the road less travelled.

I recently read something that said,” Worrying is praying for what you don't want”.  The truth found in that statement resonated deep within me. How many things have you talked yourself out of simply because you wasted time worrying about the potential outcome? 

I know. 
I’ve been there.

It’s easy to look over your shoulder and pass judgement on what you deem to be mistakes or missed opportunities in your past.   But check this out:

When you woke up this morning you were given the opportunity to start fresh.

You may not have tied up loose ends on old issues and you may not have received closure from something or someone that has kept you anchored in old stories.   Personal experience has told me that waiting until the perfect time to action things like this is just procrastination hidden under a disguise of good intent.
The unknown can feel like a scary vortex of seeming nothingness.  I battle with its power to dictate the choices I make every day.  Far too many of us seem to be terrified of living lives that don’t come with guarantees.

What will happen if you tell that special someone how you really feel?
What will change if you decide to apply for that new job with the lower pay but great potential?
How will it feel to run for ten minutes straight instead of walking for twenty?
Who will support you if you shared your secret?

I’m not sure… why don’t you find out? Take a chance on yourself and the possibility that things can turn out far better than you expected.  If it doesn't have faith that you won't break and try to look for the lesson instead of the damage.

I saw this image recently posted by Chris Guillebeau (via Buffer) and I had to share it with anyone that wants to challenge feelings of indecision.

I want you to consider how you would feel if you decided to pursue at least one of your dreams.  One little step towards the one thing that preoccupies your thoughts from time to time and makes you smile.  If the idea of actualizing it terrifies you and sends you reeling back into the comfortable entrapping of your safe existence then consider yourself signed on for a lifetime of “what ifs”.

It is my sincerest hope that you make a move towards a life less ordinary.

Until next time, friends….

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