Thursday, July 12, 2012

You're Worth It

It’s time to get excited about life. This has been my mantra over the last few challenging weeks.  Life dealt me a hand and wanted to see how I’d play it.  So I did.

I feel like the Universe is nodding with approval and saying, “Well played, Rosie, well played… now what else can you do?”
That question has left me a little bit stumped.  For a long time I've felt like I have an opportunity to do something, to build something, to rise to a call that I hear from time to time.  All that I need to do is show up and everything will fall into place.  Synchronicity at its finest.  And yet here I sit, questioning myself.  Thankfully, I have enough insight to know that I am my own worst critic (as many of us are).  People like me can come up with a thousand reasons why something won’t work for us and we sometimes fall short on exploring all the reasons why we could be ridiculously successful.  Why is that?

Fear – It’s the thing that generates an accelerated heartbeat, sweaty palms and sometimes irrational thinking.  Fear is a self-preserving mindset which presents the choices of fight or flight.  Since we’re usually too afraid to step into the ring, the instinct is to take off and never fully realize what we were capable of doing in the first place.  What a shame.
Social Conditioning – Once upon a time, someone told us a story.  The story was filled with advice intended to guide us starting with “You should”, “You shouldn’t”, “You can’t” or “You will”.  As we got older, we heard the same story told time and time again.  The storytellers may have varied but the sermon was still the same.  We heard the story so often that we started to believe them.  People who thought they knew what was best for you were imposing their views on you time and time again.  While their motives may have been sincere, they don't know you as well as you know you.  Change your story!  Own it, edit it and make it one that you’d like to be a part of. 

Lack of Confidence – Sometimes we lack a bit of perspective.  It’s easier to celebrate the successes of others than it is to realize the infinite possibilities of what we can accomplish for ourselves.  Why bother, right?  We seem to think that if we have a good idea, someone "out there" can do it better.  This is a detrimental way of thinking because it overlooks a huge point.  No one can do things the way that you would.  You’re as unique as your fingerprint and there are people that want to hear from or about you.  You just don’t know it yet.
It’s time to get excited about life. 

You're worth it. 
You have a good hand. 
Each card represents something great that only you can bring to the table.  
How are you going to play them?

Until next time, friends….


  1. As long as the jokers were taken out of the deck before the cards were dealt... :-P
    Love you Rosie - nice to see you're posting again...I always look forward to reading your thoughts. You have a beautiful (and insightful) way of putting things into perspective.

    1. It feels great to be back :) Love you too, Mel!

  2. Your thoughts are always insightful and hit home. I love you!