Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wanted: Positive Energy (Energy Sucking Vampires Need Not Apply)

Have you ever spent time with someone and left the conversation feeling more drained than before you started?


Under the clever guise of someone you think you know lurks an Energy Sucking Vampire (ESV). 

How do I know?
I used to be one.

The aforementioned Energy Sucker can come in two distinct varieties; those that act with intent and those that do not.  Falling into the latter category doesn’t absolve me of my actions, it simply means that I didn’t consciously make it my mission to wake up every morning and suck joy from the unsuspecting people around me.  I can honestly say that I was completely unaware of my affliction.
There was a period in my life filled with insecurity and self-doubt when I desperately needed to hear from someone (ANYONE) I was “alright”.   The clouds of negativity started to consume me made it nearly impossible to see things clearly and “borrowing” some positivity from friends and family seemed harmless enough.  Their cup seemed to runneth over…. surely they wouldn’t mind if I sneaked a sip every now and again, right?


Some of the people closest to me quickly learned that obligatory ego stroking and regularly validating my existence was emotionally taxing, energy draining and tedious.  In a nutshell, I was rapidly evolving into the worst kind of ESV. I was on the cusp of becoming the reason why Caller ID was invented!
When you’re in the presence of an ESV, action is required!  Positive energy is contagious.  It can be transferred quickly through a touch, a word or even a look.  The bad news is that the same rules apply to negative energy, so it’s of the utmost importance to protect yourself!

One of my favorite blogs (zenhabits.net) had a post titled 7 Simple Tips to Deal with Negative People which I highly recommend reading if you’re seeking refuge from a vampire in your life (or know someone who is).   The proverbial “light bulb” went off in my mind as I read that, “While people can try to get you down, you’ve a choice in how you react to them.”  How quickly we sometimes forget this!

I had the good fortune of having solid people in my life that were able to break free to my energy draining ways and look at it for what it really was. They recognized that my misery was seeking some company and refused to show up at my pity party.

I thank them for seeing what I didn’t and for sticking around while I worked to get it right.  Like I’ve said many times before, I am a work in progress.

Each day gets me closer to becoming a masterpiece.

Are you looking for ways to bring more positivity into your life?  Click here to check out some tips offered from the folks at LifeHackers

Regards from a former vampire…. until next time, friends!

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