Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Thrill of the Run....

"There's no such thing as bad weather just soft people".
- Bill Bowerman

I had a challenging couple of weeks and I decided to take it out on the pavement.

I'm so glad that I did because there is now T-minus 16 days before the Ottawa Race Weekend 5K event. With each day that passes, I'm feeling more prepared and last night was a true testament to reaping what is sown.  As many of you know, I run with a fabulous group of dedicated people that I've met through the Running Room's Learn to Run Clinic.  Yesterday evening marked our eighth week participating in the program and a solid number of runners showed up (despite the forecast for inclement weather).

Please note that in this particular scenario inclement weather translated to 15 degrees Celsius, HEAVY RAIN, occasional lightning and HEAVY RAIN.

Yet still, we ran.

Our clothes were soaked and visibility was tricky.

Yet still, we ran.

We were given the option to turn around and go home to shelter and dry clothes.

We said, "No thank you!" and then we ran.

Does this sound dramatic?  Maybe a bit, but nonetheless, my account of the events seems accurate to what actually transpired.  While running in less than ideal conditions may seem like a no brainer to veteran runners, for us "newbies" it was an adversity that was to be overcome.  Eight weeks ago many of us would have scoffed at (and declined) the invitation to participate in outdoor cardio activity in the midst of a storm but now we found it to be thrilling, rewarding and validating.  Each of us has pushed past some self-doubt, fatigue, hectic schedules and excuses in order to get to where we are now.  In our minds, we earned a couple of stripes and an ample amount of self-respect.

There have been a few group members that have stopped running (for various reasons) since the clinic started.  I wish them all well and hope to run with them again sometime.  The ones that remain are a big part of what has made running fun for me.  They've given me the motivation to push myself and the awareness to pace myself.  They are people that I may have never met any other way and they remind me of the commonality that lies between individuals of different backgrounds.

Running has become our common denominator.   

I look forward to more adventures in the upcoming days.  I also welcome any tips or friendly words of encouragement that you may have to offer as my race draws near.  I will continue to enjoy the thrill of the run and the many snippets of happiness that it has brought into my life with heartfelt gratitude.

Until next time, friends!

P.S.: Take a moment to check out the video below.  Danielle Laporte is a no-nonsense expert on getting things done and making things happen. I LOVE HER!  I’ve been a fan for almost two years and her  "Credo For Making It Happen" has been on replay in my house since it was released.  I’ve also read (and loved) her new book The Fire Starter Sessions.  Enjoy (and you’re welcome!)

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  1. I've gotta get me that book...she is definitely inspiring! (and so are you - look at you GO!) Keep up the good work! ~Mel