Sunday, April 1, 2012

Run Your Own Race

"I raised you to be a thoroughbred. When thoroughbreds run they wear blinders to keep their eyes focused straight ahead with no distractions, no other horses. They hear the crowd but they don't listen. They just run their own race. That's what you have to do. Don't listen to anyone comparing you to me or to anyone else. You just run your own race."

Excerpted from The Right Words at the Right Time (Atria Books, January 2004) by Marlo Thomas.

Last week I found myself a bit pre-occupied with what other people were doing and as a result, unnecessary attention was paid to how much better (or worse) their lives seemed to be.  This trivial analysis had the power to stroke my ego or send me into a fit of paranoia over how I've fallen short of where I “should be”.

I'm happy to report that thanks to a bit of rational thinking, I came through the week unscathed by either choice.

I recognized that it does nothing for personal morale to lament about things that really don’t matter in the long run such as how much money someone else is making, how much weight someone else is losing or how much happier someone became after you parted ways.   When I compare elements of my life to those of others, it discredits a significant amount of the work that I’ve put into creating my own experiences.  In the aforementioned context, drawing comparisons can often send out an inaccurate message that someone else’s progression is more important than your own. 

Being “one of a kind” in a world plagued by conformity may be challenging but I can’t help but wonder, “What would it feel like to run my own race?”

On your mark, get set....Go!

Until next time, friends.

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