Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Toddler, His Tantrum and Precious Moments Captured In Time

A few months ago a very dear friend of mine, Samantha, gave me a gift certificate for a professional photo session with the very talented Alice Beaudoin.  After I thanked her profusely, I quickly tucked the present away in a safe place and quietly plotted an opportune time to use it.

This past March my son, Tyson, turned eighteen months old and that seemed to mark the perfect occasion for a portrait.  I contacted Alice, arranged the logistics and all that I needed to do was bring a toddler to the set that was:

·         Well rested
·         Clean
·         Fed and
·         Smiling

I wish it had been that easy.  An error in judgment (actually, in scheduling) on my part resulted in Tyson having his eighteen month immunizations the day before the picture were to be taken. Consequently, on the morning of picture day he was:

·         Overtired
·         Ticked off
·         Lacking an appetite
·         Mildly irritable

(On the upside, I was still able to present a clean child!)

We arrived at our scheduled time and Alice graciously welcomed us.  She gave Tyson time to walk around and become familiar with her and the new environment.  He slowly started to relax but as soon as he caught a glimpse of the camera equipment and the props, all bets were off.   His charming grin quickly turned into a mischievous smirk and his two little hands moved with the speed of eight.  Before Alice could take the first shot, Tyson was off running and showed no signs of slowing down.  He took particular interest in items that were expensive and fragile.   To top things off, he occasionally stopped to crumble to the ground and start screaming for what appeared to be no reason.  He was a HOT MESS! I repeated the phrase, “NO TYSON!” about a thousand times and tried to bribe him with fruit snacks, crackers, hugs and kisses... all to no avail.

Even though the scene unfolding before her had all the makings of an Advil commercial (or perhaps birth control), Alice was patient, professional and supportive.  Her husband popped in to say hello during all of the commotion and he generously offered to entertain Tyson in a way that the toys I brought couldn’t.  He made funny faces, jumped up around and made Tyson smile.  Quite a bit of hard work was put in by everyone and it paid off.  Alice captured some beautiful shots but don’t take my word for it, you can be the judge....

Courtesy of Alice Beaudoin Photography

Courtesy of Alice Beaudoin Photography

Courtesy of Alice Beaudoin Photography

Courtesy of Alice Beaudoin Photography

Courtesy of Alice Beaudoin Photography

I’m very happy with the results of that fateful afternoon.  Considering the circumstances surrounding his demeanour, Tyson was a trooper and I now have tangible evidence of a few precious moments captured in time.  Alice was nothing short of a true professional and I would recommend her work to anyone seeking a talented photographer who can capture the essence of a personality in one shot.
I leave you with one piece of advice. Spontaneity every now and again can be great but I don’t endorse it when it comes to preparing a toddler for a photo shoot.  Do a bit of research to get ready for it or if you don’t have time, just click here for some helpful tips.

If you are interested in being connected with Alice to discuss her work or to book an appointment, just drop me a line.  Thanks for sharing in yet another epic adventure....

Until next time, friends!


  1. Thanks, Michelle! Looking forward to the next Mommy meetup :)

  2. He reminds me of you. Loud and mischievous.