Monday, April 16, 2012

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Years ago I rented and watched a romantic comedy movie starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere called “Runaway Bride” (please reserve any judgments that you may have regarding my taste in movies until after reading this post).  Over half of the movie seems to be spent watching Julia’s character, Maggie Carpenter, elude a series of her own wedding ceremonies due to her fear of commitment but that is not what this post is about.  Instead, I’m writing about a small part of the movie where Richard Gere’s character Ike Fisher (in a moment of frustration) turns around and screams at Maggie, “You don’t even know how you like your eggs!”
For those who haven’t seen this movie, Ike was referring to Maggie’s inability to be true to who she really is.  She was completely consumed with being every man’s “ideal woman” that she quickly forgets who she is and what she wants for herself.
Years later in moments of reflection, I still find myself asking,  “How do you like your eggs?”
Stepping away from the crowd and doing your own thing often requires courage. 
·         It can take courage to dress a certain way.
·         It can take courage to move far from home.
·         It can take courage to love someone “different”
·         It can take courage to speak your truth
·         It can take courage to show your pain
·         It can take courage to step outside the lines of cultural norms.
Courage resides within us all but only a few will rise to its call.
For some people, living by a code of authenticity is second nature.  Their confidence regarding who they are is unwavering and evident to anyone that crosses their path.  There are other people (such as myself) that have taken more of a “late-bloomer” approach along the path of self-discovery.  Looking back at my youth I now see so many areas where I let my life be influenced and modified by the preferences of other people. Music that I listened to, clothes that I wore, events that I went to and occasionally groups that I joined.  It was all in the pursuit of acceptance and a sense of belonging.
A big part of life’s beauty can be found in our personal evolution.  Since moving through my 30’s I’ve began to wonder how I liked my eggs now and so the sampling began!  The lessons that I’ve learned about myself to date have been rewarding,   painful, surprising, and funny but the best part is that these lessons belong to me.  It’s liberating to unload the burden of living for everyone else when faced with the payoff of living for yourself – on your own terms.
Take some time out this week to find out how you like your eggs.  I hope you enjoy exploring the endless possibilities.
Until next time, friends!


  1. Great blog Rosie! When we truly know who we are we can live a more passionate, fulfilling and happy life. Social status and ettiquette can steer us in many wrong directions. Dare to be different!