Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let’s Play Follow the Leader

There’s an echo in my house. 
When I say, “Go”, my echo says, “Go”.
When I say, “Happy”, my echo says, “Happy”. The stream of vocabulary sometimes seems endless.
My echo resonates throughout my house and sometimes even out on the street.
Oh, did I mention that my echo is just over 16 months old and his name is Tyson?

Now (more than ever) I am aware that little ears are listening and little eyes are watching..... ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!  Tyson is learning to speak and for him all of these words are new and sometimes fun to say.   It's imperative now more than ever to ensure that what comes out of my mouth are things that I want my son to hear and my actions should be the ones that I would love for him to emulate some day.  
With that being said, I'm a realist who is far from being the Claire Huxtable super-mom that I was introduced to in my youth while watching The Cosby Show.  But that's okay, what mother really is?  I'm working hard to lead by my example.  This practice is a daily struggle on my part but when I look how far I have come in my life, I'm proud of the strides that I have taken towards the summit of integrity.
My desire to conceive my son forced me to take a look at the lifestyle that I had been previously living and make some serious edits to it.  I began eating healthier (with great thanks in part to my husband for alot of the cooking), I continued to go to my favourite workout classes at the gym, I joined a prenatal yoga class and made valiant efforts to steer clear of stress and other emotional toxins.  I surrounded myself with several mindful and healthy mothers and was inspired by the examples that they set for me.  
Being a leader doesn’t have to involve grandiose acts of grandeur.   You don't have to organize political rallies or have hundreds of followers on Twitter.  Sometimes leadership can be found in the more subtle things such as the positive spin that you consistently take on situations or perhaps by your unwavering commitment to healthy living.  You may not do it for anyone other than yourself but don’t ever doubt that someone may be motivated to hop on the same path that you’re on.
Tyson will likely be playing Follow the Leader with me for the rest of our time here together.  I’m looking forward to making it one of the most enjoyable and encouraging games that he has ever played.
Until next time, friends....


  1. Just look at those EYELASHES - what a little cutie!
    ~ Mel