Sunday, January 8, 2012

Child's Play

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing."
Dale Carnegie

Today was a day that wasn't really out of the ordinary.  I woke up this morning to spend the day with my son and to try and fit in a bit of work in the "off time" that never seemed to come. That was alright, though.  The time that I spent with my son today showed me how much he is growing.  I sat and watched him make creative things out of the most basic tools.  The thing that I found most entertaining was the way that he marvelled at every new discovery.  These moments compose many of the memories stowed away in my mental Rolodex.

The real fun came at lunch time.  Tyson arose from his nap ready to eat and I decided that after his lunch he was going to have some pudding for dessert.  To ensure a clean experience, there is always a bib that he has to wear and a wash cloth within close proximity to me.  What also keeps him relatively clean is he fact that I feed him.  Sure, at 15 months old he can eat some things with his hands like sweet potato fries and other "finger foods" but not the mushy, wet stuff.  Until today.

I realized today that my agenda for organization and cleanliness isn't going to help him grow, develop, experience and marvel at the joy of trying to do things on his own.  So (with a heavy heart but childlike anticipation) I handed over the spoon on let him have at it.  He missed his mouth more often that I can count and it took seemingly forever to get all of the chocolate off of his body but oh that smile!  If I could have frozen that moment in time forever I just might have.

Just me and him.
He and I.
On a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Until next time, friends!


  1. mmmmmmm - chocolate!!!!
    Awesome way to spend an afternoon, I'd say!

  2. He loved every bit of it, Mel! :)