Saturday, January 28, 2012

Adding, Subtracting and the Pursuit of Happiness

I had a conversation with a good friend today.  To be honest it was a bit of a venting session on my part because I had alot of balls in the air and not enough hands to catch them all. After wiping a few hot tears from my eyes and taking a deep breath, my friend gently asked, "Do you think that true happiness is possible or is it just an unattainable figment of our imagination?".

It didn't take long for me to share my views on this question.  I definitely believe that true happiness is possible.  I find that when I'm experiencing a simple and real moment, that is often when this happiness hits me. Like when I used to occasionally stay in bed for the better part of the day to read a good book or even now when Tyson is playing and he stops just to run over and give me a kiss.

Simplicity = Bliss

I find my life can feel challenging when I add too many "things" into the mix.  More projects, more contacts, more events, more commitments, more chores. 

More = Less

Less time.  Less control over the things that matter (they're covered up with the things that don't). Less joy.  Reflecting on all of this has helped me to realize that while "more" is good in moderation, the key to getting back to true happiness in my life lies in the act of subtraction.  I need to take away things that make me stressed out and tired.  If they don't serve to bring out the best in me, why would I want to keep them around?  I have faith that removing all of the unnecessary social static around me will help me to better appreciate the peace that can be found in solitude.

At this point in my life quality means more to me than quantity.  I would rather have two great friends instead of twenty acquaintances.  I would rather write one great blog post as an alternative to seven mediocre ones.

True happiness is possible and it's ours for the taking.  Sometimes less is best.

Until next time, friends.....

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