Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today's Top 3 Moments

My Vision Board

It is important for me to try (on a daily basis) to think back on the best parts of my day and realize how truly lucky I am in so many ways.  Here are today's top 3 moments:

  1. My 14 month old son decided that it would be fun to wake up at 2 am this morning; I know... less than ideal, right?  While I laid with him and tried to lull him back to sleep,  he looked me dead in the eye, turned my head and gave me a loud zerbert on my cheek.  This was followed with him breaking into a fit of giggles and my heart nearly exploded with love.  Well worth the sleep deprivation.
  2. Although I have decided to write for pleasure, I have to admit that I was a bit curious about this blog's traffic. I am proud to report that readership (or at least page views) have gone up from when I started (consistently) in November!  So really that means that one of today's top 3 moments has been made possible by you... my cup of gratitude runneth over...
  3. One of my closest friends emailed me today suggesting that we go to New York in September to celebrate our birthdays next year.  While I am making a sincere effort to live in the moment, I am really excited to plan a trip to the Big Apple.  I have always wanted to go and what better time?  I am sure that the planning and the trip itself will provide plenty of good material for future posts.

What have your favorite moments of the day been? 

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