Monday, December 5, 2011

Love, Love, Love....

I have been reading another really great book called, "The Joy of Doing Things Badly" by Veronica Chambers. In chapter five of the book she said something that truly resonated with me and that I think will stay with me for a while.  She brilliantly states: 

" A life beating myself up and telling myself off is like going to the World's fair and spending the entire day in a Porta Potti.  If not a colossal waste of time, then a very sad way to spend what could have been a marvelous day".

It is amazing how much more love, compassion and understanding we can muster up for everyone but ourselves sometimes.  In my case, the startling part of this revelation is that I often am not even conscious of how often I do this.  I currently working to evolve from being my harshest critic into my biggest cheerleader.  If I don't know what the best parts of me are, how can I possibly expect anyone to find them? 

Becoming aware means becoming accountable. That much I know for sure.  Realizing what we put out in the world comes with owning all of it without the convenience of blame.  But here's the thing.  Once you become accountable, work to push past whatever your "thing" is.  There is no sense in hanging on to it and brow beating yourself.  It's counterproductive, emotionally taxing (not to mention spiritually toxic).

Try to derive the good in what may seem to be a crisis on the surface. If you sit with a problematic situation for a minute, can you see the a positive outcome anywhere in the layers of angst?

For example:
  • A financial crisis can present the importance of finding value in what you have as opposed to what you don't.
  • A failed relationship can be an opportunity to spend time giving yourself the love and appreciation that someone else can't at the moment.
  • A physical ailment can sometimes re-focus your attention to finding ways to nurture your body and mind.

In all of the situations noted above, beating yourself up will be a colossal waste of time!  Find ways to be more forgiving to yourself.  Treat yourself as well as you would any of your prized possessions and I will continue to work to do the same. 

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