Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Tyson and I - December 2011

2012 is proving to be a potentially busy and overwhelming year.  I can't predict the future but my instincts are speaking volumes and I'm choosing to listen to them.  I've decided to move away from seeking life affirming counsel from others and have alternatively been working to find some affirmations within myself. 

I admit that I'm a bit of a personal development and self-help junkie.  This isn't something that I would normally just "put out there" but I feel that since this is my blog, I can open up as I see fit.  There's alot of stigma surrounding anything related to self-improvement and some people perceive that only lonely, needy people hang out in the self-help section of a bookstore.  Those people couldn't be more wrong.  So many people have been turning to external resources in the hopes of grasping a better understanding of who they are.  I can attest to having more than my fair share of "feel good" books on my shelf. For a long time I let the voice of strangers set the course for next steps that I took in my life. In preparing for the upcoming new year it dawned on me how ridiculous it is to keep investing in the advice of strangers before listening to what I am feeling about my life.

Up until this very moment I haven't trusted myself to live the life that I know that I am capable of living because of the possibility of success.  How would it change things?  What kind of sacrifice will be entailed?  Here are my answers: 
  1. Things would change for the better simply because I would be living up to my potential  and
  2. Any sacrifice required is necessary to move me out of living safely into living fully
Wow.  That's what I call a reality check.

So over the next couple of days (and for countless days going forward) it's will be crucial for me to carve out even just a few moments each day to listen to myself.  I'll check in with you to share my findings.....

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