Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

I was thinking about the best way to approach making a blog entry at such a crazy time of the year.  I thought about being witty or insightful. I decided that the best approach was to stick with the "tried and true" heartfelt one.  The one that speaks from your soul as opposed to your brain. 

I wish everyone peace. The kind that helps you to sleep at night and feels like a thousand pounds have been lifted off of your shoulders.

I wish everyone love.  It was Oprah that said it best when she said, "Because you are here, you are worthy".  It's so true and if more people (including myself) took the time to live to their greatest potential love would be everywhere.

I wish everyone health.  Our health is one of the most precious gifts that we have and yet is taken for granted so often.  Make a commitment to caring for yourself (mind, body and soul) and reap the rewards that follow.

All of the best to you this holiday season and please enjoy this beautiful videoclip of a duet with Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli singing "What Child is This?" (one of my favorite holiday songs of all time).  Thank you, Nicole for bringing this version to my attention!

Until next time, friends...

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