Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Power of Beautiful Thoughts and Images

Today it is my pleasure and distinct honour to welcome the photography and written work of Melissa Ferrar to my blog. Melissa is a very talented writer who I met many years ago and whose friendship has withstood the test of time. Her ability to create a beautiful image through the insightful use of words is nothing short of a gift.

"I am totally loving milkweed this year…it is just so interesting – the perfectly white gossamer fluff contrasting with the rough scaly appearance of the pods–the little fluffy umbrella seeds holding all the promise of next years’ crop…flying through the air to god knows where and hopefully - if the conditions are just right where they end up - the miracle of germination…  

When I walk along the railway tracks behind my house, I pull handfuls of the seeds from the pods, lift them over our heads and let them go….they follow us through the air for several paces while we continue on then they begin their journey at the mercy of the breeze. I secretly wish them well– “good luck little seeds – till we meet again”."

Thank you, Melissa!

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