Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love. Dream. Believe.

My sister, Joan, gave me the ring depicted above one day “just because”. It is marked with the words: Love Dream Believe. Her simple instruction was for me to look at it whenever I am having a challenging time and let the words remind me of who I am, what I want and all that is possible.

Love. Every day there is ongoing discussion and news about the critical shortage of resources in the world such as food, water and money. These are all vital to various degrees but so is love. I can't recall the last late breaking news story that I watched about the "Love Crisis" prevalent in our society today. When you love, make sure that you are doing so with your whole heart. Anything less isn't the real deal. It's easy to feel or think that we are only capable of giving a solid 80% because the last time we gave 100% our hearts were broken. Perhaps we underestimate ourselves and think that we don't know how to love correctly. We are all born worthy of this thing called love and if it is something that you haven't been shown (or given) just know that it will come your way eventually if you’re open to receiving it.

Dream. If we removed the comfortable and familiar fences that surround our thoughts (also known as boundaries, self-limitations and restrictions) we would be left with some truly remarkable dreams. Never forget to ask yourself, "What if" because there are infinite possibilities to this "Choose Your Own Adventure" series also known as life. I have lulled so many of my thoughts into quiet submission with phrases starting with, "I can't" or "Starting tomorrow" or "If only". Thankfully our dreams don't die until we do (and they may live long after we are gone) so unleash yourself, free your mind and get to the business of dreaming.

Believe. I will openly admit within the sanctity of the blog-o-sphere forum that believing has been one of the bigger challenges in my life to push through thus far. A strong belief system is free of charge and yet there had been times in my journey where I felt like buying into it would cost me everything. I was wrong. Not believing robbed me of the courage to try things and it took away my faith that things would be alright. I am happy to report that I am a believer once more! I am not saying that a leap of faith is appropriate for everyone. Quitting your job while giving a single finger salute may not prove to be beneficial to your future endeavours (and it tends to burn a few proverbial bridges). Sometimes calculated and premeditated risks are necessary when your decisions have the potential to impact others in your life significantly.

Believe that there is more to your life waiting for you and make the brave decision to take a step towards making things happen.


You want to be a singer? Try your hand (and voice) at karaoke.
You want to be an artist? Pick up a painting kit for beginners and carve out an hour of your time to doodle and sketch.
You want to be a writer? Start keeping a journal or perhaps start a blog...

Love yourself.
Dream big.
Believe in all that is possible.

I guarantee that changes will start to happen (even if it starts with your attitude!)

Until next time, friends!

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