Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crying Over Spilled Milk

Have you ever had one of those mornings that’s going so well you can almost hear the birds chirping in your house? I had one of those last week and I almost broke out into song. Seriously. It felt that good. The sun was out (which is always great this time of year), Tyson and I were running ahead of schedule and I looked pretty cute, too! I sauntered to the kitchen in a state of bliss, opened the fridge door and grabbed Tyson's bottle for his diaper bag and that's when it happened. Milk spillage EVERYWHERE! I mean all over the fridge trays, all over the food, all over the floor and me. It turns out that my husband missed screwing the lid on the one bottle that I happened to reach for at that moment.
That was it! Birds and sing-songs be damned... I was pissed off! How could he be so thoughtless and inconsiderate? How hard is it to tighten all of the lids? Great...

... now I had to clean up everything.
... now I was going to be late for work.
... now I was suddenly having a less than stellar day.

Wow, could I be more self-absorbed? Did I really think that this little incident was all about me? It's amazing what kind of power the ego has (especially when it hasn't been stroked in a while). The fact is, mistakes happen and this milk incident was one of them. My husband was helping me out by making our son's bottles for the day. He was probably just multi-tasking (or simply tired) and he missed one lid. When I took a moment to cool off and think about things rationally it was easy to see that I had taken things way too personally. My spouse wasn't up the night before planning to stage a lactose coup in the morning.

This event reminded me to take a moment and walk a little while in someone else's shoes. Minutes earlier I would have let a small incident (although slightly inconvenient) ruin the great morning that I had going. Taking a moment to find compassion and understanding helped me to appreciate what had really transpired. Hey, maybe it was a lesson to me to slow down a bit.

Crying over spilled milk doesn't change anything; things happen. Just clean it up, get a new bottle and move on with your day.

Until the next post, my friends!

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